Warren Mick and his wife Maria currently live on a small farm in upstate New York and have been involved with Border Collies since 1989. Warren is an engineer by trade and worked at General Electric in the gas turbine engineering division until 2007. He now spends most of his time training dogs, giving lessons, managing the farm and competing in sheepdog trials. Warren competes with his border collies at trials around the country and has run in ten USBCHA National Finals and many regional championships. He is a four-time winner of the Northeast Championship.

Warren has put on numerous open and novice trials as well as helping to organize many regional championships. He has been a director for both the USBCHA and ABCA and has held many positions in the Northeast Border Collie Association. Warren usually takes on several judging assignments each year and has judged the National Finals, the Bluegrass Classic, Soldier Hollow, Lacamas Valley, WWSDA ‘Badlands’, Bow River and many other great trials across the country.

Mick recently relocated from Southeast England to the rolling hills of Devon. He started trialing in 1982 with a well-bred bitch, and the pair were very successful on the trial field. Since then, he has successfully trained and trialed a number of dogs. With his recent move, Mick looks forward to start and work his young dogs to prepare them for the trial field. With many years of trialing in his past, Mick appreciates the challenges in finding a talented dog then have the time, patience and dedication to train the dog to the open standard.

In the last ten years, Mick has concentrated on judging. Mick enjoys the viewpoint judging allows, as trailing can be seen from a different perspective. He has judged the English National, trials in New York State, Georgia and Alabama as well as Brazil and several countries in Europe. Mick is honored to be chosen as the judge for the Dutch Open which precedes this year’s World Trial to be held in Holland. Many of the competitors of the World Trial will also be competing in the Dutch Open. We are fortunate to have him judge the Bluegrass Classic this year, and he wishes all competitors success on the trial field.



Faansie is originally from South Africa and started competing in trials in 1996. His dog, Jessie, won her first trial at the age of 10 months and later went on to win the South African Dog of the Year, 5 times. Faansie won the South African Nationals with Jessie’s daughter, Jan, in 2004, 2005 & 2007 as well as another Jessie daughter, Jill, in 2008.

Faansie and his family currently live in Texas outside Stephenville. He routinely provides training clinics throughout the US as well as judging premier trials such as the Bluegrass Classic in 2015 and the National Sheep Dog Finals. Fannsie returned to the 2016 Bluegrass Classic as a competitor, finishing in the Top 20. Faansie returns this year as an Open and Nursery competitor.


Joni and her husband Blake live on a ranch in Clearmont, Wyoming where they run several hundred mother cows along with 400+ yearlings. She primarily uses her dogs for ranch work with a secondary use in trialing competitively. Joni has been training and trialing border collies since the mid 90’s and has been a consistent top finisher in many top trials throughout the US and Canada. Her most recent accomplishment was winning the 2016 USBCHA National Nursery Championship in Carbondale, Colorado with her dog Ben. Joni’s other accomplishments include placing at other prominent trials such as the Bluegrass Classic, Meeker Classic, Kingston Grass Creek Park, Zamora Hills and Sonoma Wine Country. We welcome Joni back to the Bluegrass Classic as a competitor and judge on our Nursery/Novice field.